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 Charisma: La plus heureuse durant Ats!

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Jensen Girl
Jensen Girl

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MessageSujet: Charisma: La plus heureuse durant Ats!   Mer 22 Mai 2013, 21:06

Charisma a avoué que la période la plus heureuse de sa vie, était durant le tournage d'Ats ^^

Citation :
Carpenter happiest on TV show Angel

Charisma Carpenter has confessed the happiest she has ever been was working on hit vampire show Angel.

The 42-year-old actress - who is starring in new 5* TV show The Lying Game found fame playing highschool b**** Cordelia Chase in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and spin-off Angel with David Boreanaz, which ran until 2004.

Charisma revealed: "In terms of my career, I was happiest when I was working on Angel. But now is a really good time too, because I'm in a more well-rounded place.

"It's not just about my career, it's about getting to pick and choose. Nowadays, I get to do a movie, I get to do a little TV... I'm doing a new series called Surviving Evil, and I'm getting more involved in behind-the-scenes stuff and producing, so I feel the best is fortunately yet to come. I'm really looking forward to having more success in a different way."

The actress admitted she missed working with Angel creator Joss Whedon, and would love to work with him again.

She said: "I have very fond memories. I miss the writing - those shows were just heaven in terms of challenges as an actress. We got to fight, to do comedy, to do drama. There was a lot of fantasy and imagination involved where you're being possessed. I'm not sure how well I did possessed, but it was a very challenging show. They just threw everything at us - you had to speak Latin or some made-up language, or get into exposition of very old text. It was so rewarding."

Asked if she's like to work with Joss again she said: "Of course I would! I'm waiting at my bedside for the phone to ring!

"I would just like to be a part of The Avengers. Whatever capacity Joss would put me in would be all right. I'd be a secretary, I don't care. I'm sure he'd give me something witty to say or do."

:: The Lying Game season two airs on 5* for two weeks (Monday-Friday) from May 13 at 1pm


Citation :
Now, these kids are not destined. In fact, loving each other was a byproduct of their destinies in the sense of their destinies brought them together, but them loving each other actually pushed against their destinies. Their destiny is the mission. Their love distracts from that. The mission wins out. This is their great tragedy. ~ anythingbutgrey, about Cangel

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Miss Kitty
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Spuffy shippeuse ♥

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MessageSujet: Re: Charisma: La plus heureuse durant Ats!   Ven 24 Mai 2013, 23:39

Ca fait vraiment plaisir d'entendre ça pour les fans ! Maintenant, je lui souhaite de retrouver ce genre d'expérience positive à l'avenir tout de même.


"We’re all wounded. We carry our wounds around with us throughout life and eventually they kill us. Things happen that leave a mark in space, in time… in us." ~ Brenda Chenowith

~ Spuffy Forum ~ Mon LiveJournal ~
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Charisma: La plus heureuse durant Ats!
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