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 Netflix veut ressusciter Buffy

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Jensen Girl
Jensen Girl

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MessageSujet: Netflix veut ressusciter Buffy    Ven 10 Mai 2013, 18:06

Citation :
Could Netflix Bring Back Buffy The Vampire Slayer And Twin Peaks?

A recent conversation over at Stuff led to Netflix’s Chief Content Officer revealing the possibility of bringing back cult faves Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Twin Peaks. With the massive success of online streaming video content, Netflix has expanded, generating some stellar original programming. David Fincher’s House Of Cards and Eli Roth’s Hemlock Grove to name but two.

When asked about reviving Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said:

“That’s one that’ll come up on everyone’s list. She’s a great character. If it was my property I’d do infrequent movies. There’s not enough kick-ass female characters like that.”

He offered an excited a word one response to the possibility of a new series of David Lynch’s classic Twin Peaks:


The forever-in-development Stephen King adaptation, The Dark Tower has recently caught the eye of Ron Howard. Turns out Sarandos has had a word with him too!

“I spoke to Ron about it, actually. The last time we talked about it the thing was being kicked about HBO – but it’s no longer there. Once Arrested Development gets through we’ll keep talking about it.”

By far the most anticipated project back from the dead is the much-loved Arrested Development. With a fourth series set to debut on May 26th, 2013 the stakes are high for it to succeed. When asked about it, Sarandos discussed the structure of the new series:

“Now, every episode is crafted around an individual character. Mitch Horowitz has made it so ridiculously fun and complicated – every episode intertwines with all the other ones. So a complete throwaway line is the punch line to something three episodes ago. So it was completely crafted for the Netflix viewers who could watch a bunch in a row.”

Blimey. For a brief interview, there’s plenty to consider here. The idea of Buffy The Vampire Slayer returning to the small screen definitely has this writer’s interest piqued. After the show’s cancellation at the end of season 7, the storyline continued in comic book form. There’s the material, then. All we need now is Joss Whedon to get involved.


Citation :
Now, these kids are not destined. In fact, loving each other was a byproduct of their destinies in the sense of their destinies brought them together, but them loving each other actually pushed against their destinies. Their destiny is the mission. Their love distracts from that. The mission wins out. This is their great tragedy. ~ anythingbutgrey, about Cangel

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Miss Kitty
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Spuffy shippeuse ♥

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MessageSujet: Re: Netflix veut ressusciter Buffy    Ven 24 Mai 2013, 23:02


En même temps, la série s'est arrêtée par choix pour SMG, plus spécifiquement, et je ne les vois pas reprendre la série avec une autre actrice.

Idem pour Joss, je ne pense pas qu'il se relancerait comme ça dans l'aventure Buffy ! Il a déjà suffisamment de pain sur la planche pour le moment ^^


"We’re all wounded. We carry our wounds around with us throughout life and eventually they kill us. Things happen that leave a mark in space, in time… in us." ~ Brenda Chenowith

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Netflix veut ressusciter Buffy
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