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 Top 5 des personnages féminins du Whedonverse [daemonstv]

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Miss Kitty
Spuffy shippeuse ♥
Spuffy shippeuse ♥

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MessageSujet: Top 5 des personnages féminins du Whedonverse [daemonstv]   Sam 18 Juin 2011, 20:07

Voici un top 5 des personnages féminins du Whedonverse par un site Web qui avait fait celui des hommes la semaine dernière.

On retrouve Buffy, Cordélia et Willow ! ^^

Citation :
Cordelia Chase

Cordelia begins her journey through Joss’ world in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and when we first meet her, she is “Queen C”. Cheerleader, ruler of her popular clique, and self centered as all get out. Cordelia provided the comic relief (“Excuse me, but I have to call everyone I have ever met right now!”), but under her perfect hair and clothes, Cordy is a character that is bursting with potential.

The flip side of Cordelia is really brought out during Buffy’s second season when she discovers Buffy’s secret. While she still freaks out, she also helps out – which is more than we can say she would have done in season one. She and Xander also find out they’re attracted to each other, which is hilarious in itself. While she and Buffy never become best friends, I think we can all agree that the Buffyverse would have been lacking without Cordelia’s transformation.

Then she moves on to Angel. The Cordelia we get to know in Angel still has remnants of the old Cordy, but has grown so much as a person that she’s also unrecognizable. She’s moved to Los Angeles to become an actress, but ends up helping Angel out with his agency – Angel Investigations. She and Doyle become close – which is ultimately where Cordy receives her powers to have visions of people in trouble.

This is Cordy’s huge turning point and when she becomes the heroine we all remember her for. Talk about a character development, try to point out a female arc better than Cordy’s.

Citation :
Willow Rosenberg

I toyed back and forth with Willow, not because I dislike the character, but because I wasn’t sure she was a “top 5″. Then I was outvoted. SO. Onto Willow.

Willow is also from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and begins the series as a meek bookworm, with a major crush on Xander. She is Buffy’s best friend, and helps the Scooby Gang through her knowledge of computers, books, and just all around smarts.

Willow was a character that I loved on Buffy. She was realistic, was smart, and wasn’t sorry because of it. While she needed to work on her self confidence, Willow was a devoted friend and was always ready and willing when she was needed.

Her story continues through the series when she discovers that she’s pretty much a natural witch; and begins to study the Wiccan religion. I won’t go into this in depth, but her powers become a huge plot point in the sixth season.

You can’t mention Willow without mentioning Tara. Tara and Willow were the first lesbian couple to be seen on U.S. television, and Willow’s love for Tara sparked a good deal of angst in the Buffy world. By the end of the series, Willow has transformed from the shy girl we all knew and loved, to a confident woman that we all adore.

Citation :
Buffy Summers

Not gonna lie, Buffy Summers is my favorite character in the Whedon universe. Typical and predictable, I understand, however she’s amazing and the reason that I got into Joss’ shows to begin with.

The title character of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers is a teenage girl just looking to fit in at her new school. She’s funny, beautiful, and happens to be a vampire slayer.

The seven seasons of Buffy follow her and the rest of the Scooby Gang as they battle vampires, rogue slayers, and a LOT of other supernatural creatures. We get to watch Buffy grow up from teenage cheerleader to a strong adult that finally comes to terms with her birthright.

Buffy is fantastic because she’s a small blonde that can come out on top no matter what the fight. And let’s face it, even if she doesn’t, chances are she’ll be resurrected anyway. How can you not love a character that’s died (a couple times) but keeps coming back?

She’s saved the world more times that I care to count, has had to kill her true love, and even sacrifices herself to save her sister (don’t get me started on the Dawn story line). Buffy will forever be my go-to Whedon character.


"We’re all wounded. We carry our wounds around with us throughout life and eventually they kill us. Things happen that leave a mark in space, in time… in us." ~ Brenda Chenowith

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Jensen Girl
Jensen Girl

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MessageSujet: Re: Top 5 des personnages féminins du Whedonverse [daemonstv]   Sam 18 Juin 2011, 20:14

Ah oui j'avais vu ce top, j'sais pas pourquoi je l'ai pas reposté par contre Suspect

Sinon, j'adore Buffy et tout ça, et j'peux tout à fait comprendre pourquoi elle est le perso préféré de certains fans. Mais man, juste de temps en temps, ça ferait du bien de voir d'autres persos féminins sur la première marche du podium. Et je parle pas forcément de Cordy, dieu sait qu'on a une panoplie de femmes extraordinaires dans ce fandom et... j'sais pas, juste pour avoir un peu de diversité, ça serait chouette.

Idem avec les mecs, et Angel ou Spike toujours en tête.

Je veux dire, peu importe le sondage ou le top, on peut quasi toujours prédire les gagnants. C'est un peu lassant parfois...

Sorry pour mon CDG un peu bizarre Mais c'est juste que, de temps en temps, ce serait cool d'avoir un peu de changement. Genre, Drusilla en tête, ou Joyce et...

Ok, ça risque pas d'arriver, mais CA, ça changerait et ça serait rafrichissant...

Bon... .... je sors


Citation :
Now, these kids are not destined. In fact, loving each other was a byproduct of their destinies in the sense of their destinies brought them together, but them loving each other actually pushed against their destinies. Their destiny is the mission. Their love distracts from that. The mission wins out. This is their great tragedy. ~ anythingbutgrey, about Cangel

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Top 5 des personnages féminins du Whedonverse [daemonstv]
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