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 Top 5 des personnages masculins du Whedonverse

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Miss Kitty
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MessageSujet: Top 5 des personnages masculins du Whedonverse   Jeu 09 Juin 2011, 20:48

Héhé, on retrouve Spike ! ^^ Il y a également Alex et Giles. Du reste, on retrouve Mal (Firefly) et Dr. Horrible !

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You can’t talk about the Whedonverse without mentioning Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Spike was only supposed to be a small part for a few episodes, not recurring, but fans loved him and Dru so much that Joss decided to make him a regular.

And I think we can all agree that he made the right choice.

Sure, Spike had some issues, his rage towards Buffy at the beginning (which we find out is because of his love for Dru and wanting to make her better), his love spell for Dru later on, and then his issues with the Buffy-bot, etc. HOWEVER. who wasn’t rooting for Spike and Buffy (Angel fans need not chime in to this argument)?

Their relationship was messed up, but somehow Spike seemed just a little more. worthy (I’m going to get hate mail for that statement) than Angel.

And let’s not forget the kind of person he was BEFORE he was turned into a vampire. William was a complete romantic, poet, and I dare say some of this came back during his vamp years. Spike is a complete and fully developed (to quote Joss himself) character from the Whedonverse.

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Last, but not least we have Alexander Harris. I just realized that this list leans heavily on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer side, but what can I say? It’s where my love for Joss was born. What girl that watched Buffy regularly didn’t want a Xander of her very own? He was loyal, hilarious, and granted a little clueless, but the sweetest of the sweet.

Who didn’t cheer when Xander got Cordelia, and what fan wasn’t all that upset when he and Willow started messing around (COME ON!! It was BOUND TO HAPPEN EVENTUALLY AND THEY BOTH LEARNED FROM IT!)? And then when Anya appeared on the scene, who wasn’t thrilled for our Xander?

And while he could be a petulant baby (think about his reactions towards Angel), he always came through in a pinch and NEVER, EVER let down his friends. His loyalty is furthered when he talks Willow off of her path – o -destruction when Tara dies.

We will always remember the yellow crayon, Xander.

Citation :

Who doesn’t love the tweed wearing librarian from BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER? Buffy was my first Whedon love, and from the beginning Giles has always held a soft spot in my heart.

Giles stepped in and broke boundaries between Slayers and Watchers, and was smart enough to realize that the “typical” way to deal with a Slayer was not going to be effective in Buffy’s situation. So he adapted, and became a father to Buffy and the rest of the Scooby Gang.

Always hanging out in the Sunnydale Library, Giles was ready with books for research on anything spooky that made its way to the hellmouth. AND some of the time, he didn’t even have to consult a book! THAT is highly impressive.

But under that straight laced exterior lies a dark past; and one that it was an absolute DELIGHT for fans to see and experience. In “Band Candy” when Giles finds himself (along with all the other Sunnydale adults) regressing back to his high school years, the audience watched in trepidation. because we knew that Giles was a “less together guy, more bad magic, hates the world, ticking time bomb guy.”

I wished I had a Giles at my high school. But then again, I also wished (and still sometimes do) I was a Slayer. so that’s not saying much.


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Top 5 des personnages masculins du Whedonverse
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